Wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, and result from a variety of factors. Your skin’s production of collagen gradually slows down, which makes skin less flexible. But also, excess sun exposure causes damage to your skin, which accelerates the formation of wrinkles. There are many options available to ease wrinkles, such as Botox skin injections. But before trying these expensive treatments, consider the easy, noninvasive Laser Genesis procedure to promote collagen regrowth.

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What is Collagen?

Collagen is one of the human body’s essential proteins. It holds together our skin, bones, and muscles, providing the substance of our body’s structures. Our body constantly produces new collagen, but the amount declines over time. Collagen can be injected directly into the skin for cosmetic enhancement, but growth can also be stimulated through the use of noninvasive laser systems. That’s where Laser Genesis comes in.

What is Laser Genesis?

The Laser Genesis procedure involves using carefully modulated laser light to heat the upper dermis below your skin’s surface, stimulating collagen production. This light-based treatment does not involve direct contact with your skin, so there is no risk of bruising or skin irritation. The treatment is so painless that topical anesthetics aren’t required, though they are available upon request.

During the procedure, your aesthetic provider runs the Laser Genesis handpiece over your skin. The procedure is extremely relaxed and comfortable, and only takes a few minutes. You can even schedule Laser Genesis treatment during a lunch break and head back to work, since the treatment has no downtime. Initial results will be subtle, and we recommend that patients return for 4-6 treatments to obtain the best wrinkle reduction. Laser Genesis will also address other issues like uneven skin texture, large pores, excessive redness, and light scars. However, if you have a more serious skin issue like hyperpigmentation or extensive sun damage, other treatment methods will be more effective. Our staff will help you determine the treatment that’s right for you.

Wrinkles are common, but they can be reduced using simple, noninvasive methods. For affordable laser aesthetics in The Woodlands, look no further than our Laser Genesis procedure. Schedule an appointment to discuss our incredible results in wrinkle reduction and anti-aging.

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