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Trusculpt 3d

Staying on top of fitness and wellness means keeping an endless to-do list. Often, even after incorporating a good diet and exercise, stubborn areas might still be resistant to change, holding on to unwanted fat. That’s where a procedure like truSculpt® 3D stands to benefit our patients the most. Staying active, watching what you eat, you deserve a reward for making these life changes, yet certain areas of the body prove resistant. Could be the waistline, could be the inner thighs. truSculpt has the versatility to handle both large and small areas of the body.

TruSculpt, the perfect partner to and active, healthy lifestyle

TruSculpt, the perfect partner to and active, healthy lifestyle.

35% of men and 40% of women are living at less than their ideal weight. A common New Year’s resolution is hitting the gym and staying on top of fitness and wellness. New ways of thinking and new fitness crazes seem to come and go — crossfit, pilates, zumba, we could go on. Though these weight loss and lifestyle changes are great for your health and your psyche, they can’t always give you the intense focused treatment you need for body contouring.

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Enter truSculpt® 3D, an innovative body contouring system that decreases fat circumference in the midsection and other stubborn fat areas without resorting to risky surgeries. 

truScrulpt Empowers Our Practice to: 

  • Reshape your dimension 
  • Improve overall definition
  •  Reduce overall depth of fat 

Change the way you look at your figure and change your figure in just one treatment. Woodlands Aesthetics Center provides innovative body contouring treatments which incorporate state-of-the-art technology.

If your thinking about Liposuction, read this first.

Say no to lipo. Surgeries and painful operations come for a hefty amount of downtime. Who has the patience for that? How many people out there can really set aside days or weeks for an extensive and painful recovery? Your circumstances are different and you’ve come to the right place. truSculpt® works by delivering targeted, controlled heat to specific areas of the body, heating subcutaneous adipose tissue in a uniform way. An RF delivery system maintains a comfortable temperature during treatment yet still effectively disrupts fat tissue.

TruSculpt 3D

TruSculpt 3D

Non-Surgical Body Contouring in The Woodlands, TX

No surgery. No downtime. truSculpt® 3D by Woodlands Aesthetics Center transcends surgical maneuvers. We deliver dramatic results fast, up to 25% fat thickness reduction in ideal cases. You’ll start seeing noticeable results in just one treatment. Treat up to 4 problem areas at once with zero discomfort. Nobody has to know you had your body contouring procedure but you. Contact Woodlands Aesthetic Center today at (281) 363-4450 to schedule your initial consultation today.