Facial Veins

Facial veins, also known as telangiectasia, are patterns of small veins beneath the surface of the skin. They become more visible due to the aging process, and they can create blemishes and unsightly patterns in highly visible locations. Fortunately, facial veins are easily treated using the Cutera xeo’s CoolGlide system, which is also highly effective on spider veins and large blue leg veins.

What is CoolGlide

What is CoolGlide?

The Cutera xeo system specializes in laser-based treatments, including CoolGlide. During the procedure, your aesthetic provider moves the xeo handpiece over the targeted area. The handpiece causes the blood in your facial veins to coagulate by emitting pulses of specifically modulated laser light. The coagulated vein disintegrates, and your body redirects its blood flow to other veins that are deeper in your skin’s structure, invisible from the outside. Since the CoolGlide operates on a long wavelength, it provides treatment on all skin types: light, dark, and lighter skin that has been tanned. This treatment is minimally invasive, with little to no bruising and blistering.

CoolGlide is a highly adaptable system that is effective against most types of veins, including facial, spider, and leg veins. Knotty varicose veins do not respond well to CoolGlide. Blood blisters, though, can be addressed in just one session, and port wine stains are also good candidates for treatment. Most vein treatments can be performed in one or two sessions, though treatment time may vary due to the size, color, and number of the targeted veins.

How does CoolGlide treatment feel?

Most patients and physicians prefer CoolGlide over sclerotherapy since no painful injections are required. Many patients do experience a stinging sensation as the handpiece delivers its energy pulses, but this sensation can be easily treated with a topical anesthetic. There is little to no pain following the treatment. Some patients experience a reddening or swelling of the targeted skin, though the effect subsides after 24 hours. We also recommend that you use sunscreen on the treated area and avoid vigorous activities such as exercise for 24 hours. The treated veins should show significant improvement in 2-6 weeks.

The procedure is safe for most areas of the body, and is particularly popular for the face and neck. During treatment, you will feel a gentle warming sensation on the affected skin area. No downtime is required, and you can return to normal activities immediately. Each individual treatment produces subtle results, and we suggest returning for four to six treatments, with several weeks between each treatment. We highly recommend clearing your acne before receiving any laser treatment. Any new acne breakouts may result in additional scarring, and the accompanying inflammation reduces the effectiveness of the treatment.

If facial veins are affecting your complexion, don’t hesitate to get them treated. With the Cutera xeo’s CoolGlide system, treatment is easy and effective. Schedule an appointment with us to explore this revolutionary new system.

How does CoolGlide treatment feel