Hair Removal

Hair Removal

Read this if you hate shaving your legs and body.

Woodlands Aesthetics provides innovative solutions for hair removal, getting rid of unwanted hair in a variety of body regions, both small and large. We give each of our patients the concentrated care they need to enjoy beautiful, vibrant, smooth skin. We continue to incorporate cutting edge technology into our practice to provide non-surgical aesthetic enhancement solutions to our patients.

Expert Hair Removal Featuring Cutera XEO Laser

No more razors, no more razor burn. No more waiting for sales representatives to unlock the case in the beauty/skin section so you can pay egregious sums of money for blades that go dull after only a few uses. It’s not just women, either. 94 million men 15 years and older remove hair, and that’s just in the United States. Half of women prefer a man not to be hairy.

Who said we had to be good people and not be harry anyway?

Maybe one day we’ll live in a society without this weird expectation for us to be hairless. But, until then, most of us have to deal with shaving religiously, or painful waxing. How long are you spending shaving in the shower? Well, we’ll tell you…

The average woman will shave over 7,718 times in her lifetime.

This amounts to over $10,000 spent on shaving products. That’s the price of a decent car. This also doesn’t include expensive waxing procedures that you have to take chunks out of your day to endure. And it’s painful on top of the inconvenience. Our Cutera XEO hair removal treatments are more economically priced than you might think. A shave-free lifestyle is within your grasp.

Hair Removal

How Cutera XEO hair removal works.

Cutera XEO has multiple treatment configuration possibilities, more than any multi-application platform on the market. Laser hair removal is safe for all skin types, even for tanned skin. The Cutera XEO handpiece emits wavelengths that are specifically designed for hair pigment (melanin) absorption. Surrounding skin is unaffected as the entire energy of the laser pinpoints to the hair follicle and hair shaft, destroying hair deep down without damaging skin.

Your only a consultation away from freedom from unwanted hair

Really, what do you have to lose, besides your unwanted hair? Contact Woodlands Aesthetic Center today to schedule your consultation. Together, we’ll discuss your laser hair removal goals and determine the quickest and most effective way to get there.