Laser System

To bring you pioneering laser medical treatment in The Woodlands, Woodlands Aesthetic Center offers you the services of the xeo by Cutera, a customizable workstation that offers a huge variety of laser-based skin care treatments. Cutera is the world’s foremost provider of cosmetic laser treatments that enable you to achieve healthy, youthful skin by repairing damage and affecting stunning skin rejuvenation. Cutera manufactures the xeo workstation as a flexible platform that hosts Cutera’s array of laser modules.

Tru Pulse Nd: YAG Laser

Tru Pulse Nd: YAG Laser

The Nd:YAG laser is the xeo’s workhorse laser module. Its flexibility allows it to treat a broad range of skin conditions, including vascular lesions on any part of the body, removal of excess hair, and pigment irregularities. The Nd:YAG is certified safe for all types of skin, from light to dark to tanned. This laser also performs the remarkable Laser Genesis procedure, which revitalizes your skin by removing wrinkles and reduces signs of aging.


Titan is the xeo’s power unit, providing deep tissue heating under your skin’s surface. When combined with the LimeLight Facial and Laser Genesis procedures, the Titan allows us to perform the 3D Revitalize Therapy procedure, a comprehensive, thorough skin treatment that addresses most skin issues, rejuvenating virtually your entire skin’s surface.


The Pearl focuses on superficial skin imperfections such as wrinkles and abnormal tightening or looseness. This flexible laser can also address signs of aging like sun or age spots. When combined with our other lasers, the Pearl is an important tool in our arsenal that brings you thorough skin improvement.


The LimeLight offers a broad spectrum of light that can be easily adjusted to address different skin conditions. Among the conditions the LimeLight can treat are: small patterns of facial veins (telangiectasia), skin redness, and spots of irregular pigment. The LimeLight targets your skin’s melanin to affect changes in pigment, plus hemoglobin to coagulate unwanted subsurface veins. With the LimeLight’s safe, painless treatment, we can clear your complexion and give you healthy, glowing skin.


All these laser systems are used in concert with each other, and your aesthetic provider will choose the one that’s right for your procedure. Every laser procedure at Woodlands Aesthetic Center is performed by either a board-certified MD or a licensed Women’s Healthcare Registered Nurse Practitioner. These strict guidelines ensure that we deliver consistent results. At Woodlands Aesthetic Center, you will always feel that you are under expert care.