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To bring you pioneering laser medical treatment in The Woodlands, Woodlands Aesthetic Center offers you the services of the xeo by Cutera, a customizable workstation that offers a huge variety of laser-based skin care treatments. Cutera is the world’s foremost provider of cosmetic laser treatments that enable you to achieve healthy, youthful skin by repairing damage and affecting stunning skin rejuvenation. Cutera manufactures the xeo workstation as a flexible platform that hosts Cutera’s array of laser modules.

What causes loose skin

What causes loose skin?

One consequence of the aging process is that our skin loses its youthful elasticity. Not only do our bodies produce less collagen, but gravity pulls on our skin over the years, resulting in jowls, drooping eyelids, and other symptoms. In other cases where patients have lost significant weight, they still possess the quantity of skin appropriate for their old weight and may struggle with folds and creases. The Titan procedure specifically addresses collagen growth, stimulating your body’s natural skin tightening systems.

How does it work?

During the procedure, you will lie back in a comfortable position. After your aesthetic provider has ensured that you have appropriate eye protection, they will run the Titan hand piece over the targeted skin area. The Titan emits infrared light that heats water deep in your dermis. Heated objects expand, so the water pushes against your skin’s collagen, contracting it and resulting in a visible lifting and tightening of your skin. Some of the effect is instant, and some appears over the course of your treatment. Eventually, the Titan forces your skin to produce natural collagen, making the tightening effect permanent.

We recommend returning for three to four treatments, spaced four weeks apart to allow your skin time to adjust to its new shape. You will see the best results approximately two months after your last treatment. Titan treatment works best on areas of loose skin with minimal fatty tissue, which is why it works best on facial surfaces.

How does it work

Titan Full Body Treatment

Enjoy the ease and comfort of Titan treatment, especially compared to time-consuming, expensive facelifts. With Titan, you will see substantial results and enjoy your newly tight, firm skin. Call us for more information on Titan, and see how we provide the most effective laser skin tightening treatment in The Woodlands.

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